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Age d'Homme (2018)

Age d'Homme
Age d'Homme

I was absolutely happy to exhibit this particular artwork in New-York City during October 2023, and here's the reason.

During the month of September 2001, I was away from home, with no phone, TV, radio or any newspaper. When I came back, I was hurt to know what happened some days ago in the wonderful NYC.

I was still young, and this stood in my mind, all the images from this sad days turn in my head since more than 20 years now.

As a child, as a teenager, as an adult, I always dreamed to travel and live in NYC, this amazing city.

This work represents the twin towers. Looking closely you'll see that the bottom lines are straight, and all of a sudden, they start to lean. Under this break, all the lines are blue, windows reflecting the sky, and above them, everything is grey, full of dust and desolation.

On the lower left part, 911 is written to give a tribute to all the firefighters, nurses, doctors, security, anonymous, victims, ... more important, all the American people that were hurt during this tragedy.

God bless America !!


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